Tamaki Daido

Tamaki Daido 大道珠貴

Tamaki Daido (1966–)  debuted as an author with her 2000 short story Hadaka (Naked), winning the literary prize in a Kyushu arts festival contest open to local residents. This entry was also nominated for the Akutagawa Prize. She won the Akutagawa for Shoppai doraibu (Salty Drive), published in 2003. In 2005, a recommendation from the poet and author Taeko Tomioka won her novel Kizuguchi ni wa uokka (Vodka for Wounds) the Bunkamura Deux Magots Literary Prize. A versatile, wide-ranging author in the "pure literature" tradition, she began writing poetry at an early age and is also an ardent manga fan. At one point she sought to go pro as a manga writer, and she still draws pictures in her free time. She also has a reputation for imbibing, and her writing includes essays on her forays everywhere from plebeian dives to high-class restaurants, establishments she visits alone. She remains unmarried and without children. Her dedication to solitary introspection may be the wellspring of her creativity.

Books by Tamaki Daido
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    Salty Drive

    Miho, the narrator of the title tale in this collection, is 34 years old. The story is a precise record, in measured prose, of how she and Tsukumo, a man in his sixties, engage in aimless pursuits together, driving along the shore, for instance, eventuall …