Yuki Sasameya

Yuki Sasameya ささめやゆき

Yuki Sasameya (1943–)  is a native of Tokyo. Wanting to study painting, he quit his job as an editor at the Shueisha publishing house to travel to Paris by way of the Trans-Siberian Railroad. With his funds dwindling and his tourist visa about to expire, he traveled on to New York. There he washed dishes and worked as a cook for a time before doubling back to Paris. Eventually, a Hibari Misora song he heard on the radio prompted him to return to Japan, where he began drawing the cover art for Shueisha's literary magazine Subaru. In 1985 he received a silver medal at the Dommelhof International Print Biennale in Neerpelt, Belgium, and in 1995 he won the Shogakukan Children's Publication Culture Award for Gadorufu no yuri (Gadolf's Lillies; story by Kenji Miyazawa). His publications include Boku no irasutoreshon-teki jijoden (My Illustrative Autobiography) and Honto rashiku so rashiku (As If It Were True, As If It Were So). His picture books include Buriki no onpu (Notes of Tin; text by Reiko Katayama) and Tento no tabibito (Tent Travelers; text by Shoko Nakazawa), among many others.

Books by Yuki Sasameya
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    Chappy the Cat

    Born in the home of a fisherman on the coast, Chappy the cat is named by the grade-school-age daughter of her new family. Chappy soon becomes part of daily life in this combined home and artist's studio?crawling up on people's laps when they are reading t …