Fumie Kondo

Fumie Kondo 近藤史恵

Fumie Kondo  (1969–)  grew up in love with books from an early age, waiting each month with bated breath for her monthly storybook subscription to arrive. She attended the Osaka University of Arts, where she studied Kabuki and composed tanka-style poetry. Her literary debut came shortly after graduation, when her first mystery novel, Kogoeru shima (Frozen Island), won the 1993 Ayukawa Tetsuya Award. In 2008, her bicycle racing novel Sakurifaisu (Sacrifice) became a major hit, winning the Haruhiko Oyabu Award and placing second for the Booksellers Award. Although she is best known as a writer of mysteries, including a detective series that centers on Kabuki, she is a versatile and highly productive author who also writes stories of love and sports, both long and short, as well as novelizations of simulation games. Among her major works are Ninin Dojoji (Two Women at Dojoji Temple; 2004), and Van sho o anata ni (Vin Chaud Pour Vous / Mulled Wine for You; 2008).

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    Positing the bicycle as "the world's most elegant and efficient conveyance," this novel centers on the sport of bicycle racing à la Tour de France. Protagonist and narrator Chikau Shiraishi is 23. Upon graduating from college the previous year, he joined …