Ken Nishimura

Ken Nishimura 西村健

Ken Nishimura  (1965–)  formed what would become a lasting connection with the Japan Adventure Fiction Association and its leader, the famed actor and mystery critic Chin Naito (1936–2011), while studying engineering at the University of Tokyo. Though he took a conventional job at the Ministry of Labor after graduation, he soon resigned and began work as a freelance writer while setting his sights on becoming a novelist. He made his literary debut in 1996 with the novel Bingo, a thriller set in Tokyo's lively Shinjuku district. He was awarded the Japan Adventure Fiction Association Prize in 2006 for his novel Goka (Conflagration), and again in 2010 for Nokoribi (Embers). In 2012 he won the Yoshikawa Eiji Prize for New Writers for Chi no soko no yama (Underground Mountain). His other works include Dasshutsu (Getaway) and Toppa (Break). His trademark is fast-paced entertainments, often episodic and often humorous.