Kyusaku Yumeno

Kyusaku Yumeno 夢野久作

Kyusaku Yumeno  (1889–1936)  was the son of Shigemaru Sugiyama, a prominent figure in Meij-era ultranationalist politics. After Yumeno dropped out of Keio University, he managed a farm, then worked at many occupations: as a Buddhist priest, a journalist, a postmaster, a master of the Noh drama, and finally as a novelist. He is known for his wildly imaginative and fantastic detective novels. His principal works include Binzume jigoku (Hell in a Bottle, 1928), Kori no hate (The End of the Ice, 1933), and Dogra Magra (1935), widely regarded as his masterpiece.

Books by Kyusaku Yumeno
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    Dogra Magra

    The protagonist, Ichiro Kure, recovers consciousness in the mental ward of the Medical Department of Kyushu University, but doesn't remember his name or past life. Prof. Wakabayashi of the hospital tells him that the late Prof. Masaki had used him as a gu …