Asami Kiyokawa

Asami Kiyokawa 清川あさみ

Asami Kiyokawa (1979–)  is known for her unique artwork combining embroidery and photography. With needle and thread she has also produced book illustrations, video art, installations, advertising, and clothing, all of which convey a distinctive worldview that transcends generations. She has illustrated such perennial children's favorites as Oscar Wilde's The Happy Prince, Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid, and Kenji Miyazawa's Ginga tetsudo no yoru (tr. Night of the Milky Way Railway).

Books by Asami Kiyokawa
  • Book

    Is There a God or Not?

    Is there a God? Where is He? What is He doing, or does He no longer do anything? What should we humans, who inherited the world from Him, do today? This picture book poses questions about the existence of God and about our beliefs, making it unique among …