Kaoru Kitamura

Kaoru Kitamura 北村薫

Kaoru Kitamura (1949–)  during his student days belonged to the Waseda Mystery Club, which counts many successful writers among its alumni. After graduation he became a high-school teacher while also keeping up his literary activities, which included publishing book reviews and compiling an anthology of Japanese detective fiction. His career as an author in his own right began in 1989 with Sora tobu uma (Flying Horse), a collection of linked short stories. For a while he withheld his personal details from the public, but finally made an appearance in 1991 upon winning the Mystery Writers of Japan Award for the story collection Yoru no semi (Night Cicada). This was followed by a 2009 Naoki Prize for Sagi to yuki (Heron and Snow) after five prior nominations. Kitamura is perhaps best known for Sukippu (Skip), Tan (Turn), and Risetto (Reset), a time-travel trilogy (1995?2001) exploring the relationship between human beings and time. He has an expert knowledge of poetry and mysteries, a strength that serves him well in his work as not only a novelist but also a critic and acclaimed anthologist.

Books by Kaoru Kitamura
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    Heron and Snow

    This is the third in the "Becky-san" series starring the detective duo Eiko Hanamura, a company president's daughter attending the elite Gakushuin Girls' School, and her female chauffeur, Bekku, known as Becky. The three stories in the collection cover th …