Yumiko Kurahashi

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Yumiko Kurahashi

Yumiko Kurahashi 倉橋由美子

Yumiko Kurahashi (1935–2005)  was born in Kochi Prefecture and studied French literature at Meiji University. Her short story Partei, about life in Japan's Communist Party, became the target of much media attention when it was nominated for the Akutagawa Prize while she was still a student. Her distinctively abstract and conceptual style, characterized by the use of initials instead of names and the treatment of such themes as incestuous desire, reveals the influence of such Western authors as Kafka, Camus, and Sartre.

Books by Yumiko Kurahashi
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    A Record of Travel to the Land of Amanon

    This wildly fantastic novel about sex, religion, and revolution in the ultimate female-dominated society won the Izumi Kyoka Prize in 1987. From a world overrun by a religious sect known as the Monokami ("One God") Order embarks a band of missionaries se …