Nobuo Kojima

Nobuo Kojima 小島信夫

Nobuo Kojima (1915–2006)  was born in Gifu Prefecture and started writing for private magazines while still in high school. He began teaching middle-school English after graduating from the University of Tokyo in English literature in 1941, but was drafted and sent to China a year later. Discharged in 1946, he resumed writing while also working as a high-school and university instructor. Kojima won the Akutagawa Prize for Amerikan sukuru (American School) in 1955, and in 1957 he received a fellowship from the Rockefeller Foundation to travel to the United States and study the works of such American authors as Anderson, Faulkner, and Saroyan. His own fiction ranges widely from the experimental to the allegorical and symbolic.

Books by Nobuo Kojima
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    Embracing Family

    This portrait of postwar Japanese society as symbolically captured in the life of one family won the Tanizaki Jun'ichiro Prize in 1965. Shunsuke Miwa is a university lecturer and translator who lives with his wife Tokiko and their two children. His seren …