Mieko Kanai

Mieko Kanai 金井美恵子

Mieko Kanai (1947–)  read widely in fiction and poetry from an early age. In 1967, at the young age of 20, she was runner-up for the Dazai Osamu Prize for Ai no seikatsu (A Life of Love), and the following year she received the Gendaishi Techo Prize for poetry. While maintaining a certain distance from literary circles and journalism, she has built up a world of fiction known for its sensual style. Along with her fiction, her criticism, which showcases her often scathing insights, has a devoted following.

Books by Mieko Kanai
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    The Word Book

    This is a collection of 12 short stories. Like fine wines, each with its own idiosyncrasy, or like a set of twisted pearls, each story displays an entirely different appeal when viewed from a different angle, and reading them through is no simple task. T …