Hiroki Azuma

Hiroki Azuma 東浩紀

Hiroki Azuma  (1971–)  majored in modern philosophy and social information theory at Tokyo University. He made his debut as a critic while still a student when his critique of Solzhenitsyn was published in a serious philosophical journal. Azuma went on to earn his doctorate at Tokyo before publishing Sonzaironteki yubinteki (Existential, Postal), a discussion of Jacques Derrida and other philosophers, in 1999. It sold an extraordinary (for a work of philosophy) 20,000 copies and won the Suntory Prize for Social Sciences and Humanities, as well as being listed for the Mishima Yukio Prize. Kwontamu Famirizu (Quantum Families), Azuma's first novel, won the Mishima Yukio Prize. As of September 2011 Azuma holds a guest professorship at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, and a professorship at Waseda University. He writes extensively online, and also edits and publishes his own philosophy magazine Shisouchizu Beta. some of its contents can be read online at He is a leading figure among the young generation of critics who came to prominence in the noughties.

Books by Hiroki Azuma
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    Quantum Families

    This experimental novel makes bold use of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics, according to which there are innumerable parallel universes in addition to the present world that we all experience as reality. Yukito Ashifune, 36, is an associ …