Seiichi Motohashi

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Seiichi Motohashi

Seiichi Motohashi 本橋成一

Seiichi Motohashi (1940–) was born in Tokyo. A photographer and film director, he has chronicled the lives of those who work in fishing communities, a slaughterhouse, circuses, and theater troupes, and has documented life in places like Africa and Iraq. His photography book Yama (The Coal Mine) won the Taiyo Prize in 1968. Since 1991 he has spent time in Ukraine and Belarus, filming communities contaminated by the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster and the people who continue to live there. Works on this theme include his 1997 film Nadya's Village and the book by the same title, which won the 1998 Domon Ken Award. His second film, Alexei and the Spring, won the 2002 Readers' Prize of the Berliner Zeitung and the International Cine Club Prize at the Berlin International Film Festival. Other works include the films Namii to utaeba (If You Sing with Namii, 2006) and A Thousand Year Song of Baobab (2009), and the photography collection On a Small Bridge in Iraq, with text by Natsuki Ikezawa.

Books by Seiichi Motohashi
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    Alexei and the Spring

    The Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded on April 26, 1986, raining radioactive materials over much of eastern Europe. In Alexei's small village in the country of Belarus, people recall that a fierce wind blew that day and the sky turned orange. Though …