Mariko Asabuki

Mariko Asabuki 朝吹真理子

Mariko Asabuki  (1984–)  published her first work, Ryuseki (Traces of Flow), in a literary magazine in 2009. In 2010 the novella was chosen by author Toshiyuki Horie for the Bunkamura Deux Magots Literary Prize. The following year Asabuki's second work, Kikotowa, earned her the Akutagawa Prize on her very first nomination. Brought up in an exceedingly literary household?her father, Ryoji, is a poet and scholar of French literature, her grandfather also a French scholar?Asabuki began scribbling in notebooks from a young age and later completed a master's course in early modern kabuki at Keio University. The past and present often overlap in her writing, and she has, in the words of Akutagawa Prize juror Masahiko Shimada, "extraordinary skill in handling complex time schemes." This quality, coupled with a rich store of language nurtured by her familiarity with classical Japanese literature, marks her as a writer of outstanding promise.

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    The title merges the names of the women protagonists, Kiko and Towako, who first meet as children in Hayama, a quiet seaside resort near Tokyo. Kiko is the daughter of Haruko, who owns an old villa there, while Towako is the child of the villa's local car …