Project (Keikaku) Itoh

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Project (Keikaku) Itoh

Project (Keikaku) Itoh 伊藤計劃

Project (Keikaku) Itoh  (1974–2009)  was born in Tokyo, graduated from Musashino Art University, and debuted as an author in 2007 with Gyakusatsu kikan (Genocidal Organ). In 2008, he published Metal Gear, based on the popular video game, as well as Harmony, his second original novel. He died in March 2009 at the age of 34. After his death, Harmony received the Japan SF Grand Prize and the Seiun Award for Best Japanese Novel of the Year, and its English translation received the Philip K. Dick Award Special Citation (a ?rst for a Japanese author).

Books by Project (Keikaku) Itoh
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    Empire of Corpses

    The story begins in late-19th century Europe, where a new technology has spread that allows dead bodies to be installed with an arti?cial soul to create "Frankensteins"?corpses which can be utilized as laborers and soldiers?and this new technology has spu …