Tomiko Inui

Tomiko Inui いぬいとみこ

Tomiko Inui  (1924–2002)  was born in Tokyo. After working as a preschool teacher, she joined the Iwanami Shoten publishing house in 1950 and began editing as well as writing children's literature. Her stories often feature lively animal characters, as in Nagai nagai pengin no hanashi (A Long, Long Tale of Penguins), which won the Mainichi Publishing Culture Award, or are fantasies based in Japan, like Kokage no ie no kobito tachi (Yuri and the Little People) or Yamanba no minarai no musume (The Mountain Witch's Apprentice), winner of the Akaitori Award for Children's Literature. For over two decades she ran the Musika Library, a project to provide books directly to children.

Books by Tomiko Inui
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    Boya, the Little Flying Fish

    Boya, a young flying fish, is swimming with his mother amid forests of white coral in the deep blue south sea when they see the distant sky turn bright red. Then the sea suddenly begins churning and they hear a loud noise. From the sky, a white powder dri …