Shun’ichi Dōba

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Shun’ichi Dōba

Shun’ichi Dōba 堂場瞬一

Shun’ichi Dōba (1963–)  graduated from college and began his journalistic career at Yomiuri Shimbun, Japan’s largest-circulation daily, where he worked at the city desk as well as other posts. In his thirties he began submitting manuscripts to new-writer contests, and he made his literary debut in 2000 when he garnered the Shōsetsu Subaru New Writers’ Award for Hachinen (Eight Years), a baseball novel. In 2001 he came out with Yukimushi (Snow Bugs) featuring the cop Ryō Narusawa, beginning a series that went on to sell over 1.5 million copies overall and established him as a writer of police novels. In 2010 he launched the Anazā feisu (Another Face) series featuring a single-father cop who holds down a desk job; the first three volumes have already sold over 600,000 copies. He claims American hard-boiled detective novels as his major influence, especially the works of Dashiell Hammett. He demonstrated his tremendous appetite for writing by remaining at his newspaper job for many years while turning out one hit novel after another.

Books by Shun’ichi Dōba
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    An Autumn of Savage Politics

    Author Shun’ichi Dōba draws on his background as a former reporter to produce a provocative and suspenseful novel about collusion between a major newspaper company and the ruling party, shining a light into hidden recesses of contemporary society. Kō …