Takami Ito

Takami Ito 伊藤たかみ

Takami Ito  (1971–)  wrote screenplays for his college film circle before making his authorial debut in 1995 with the Bungei Prize winner Joshuseki nite, guruguru dansu o odotte (Dancing Round and Round in the Passenger Seat), his first attempt at a novel (actually the second half of a longer novel). Afterward, however, he joined an editing agency and did not contemplate making a living as a writer until shortly before he turned 30. Following two prizes in young-adult fiction, Ito turned to adult short stories, earning his first Akutagawa Prize nomination for the 2005 Ichijiku kare raisu (Curry Rice with Fig). He won the Akutagawa in 2006 on his third bid with Hachigatsu no rojo ni suteru (Tossed Out on August Streets), a work that prompted novelist Taeko Kono to remark in her juror's comments on the "extraordinary human richness that springs forth from his spare prose." His full-length novels include Tosaku (Plagiarism, 2003) and Kaikyo no minami (South of the Strait, 2009).

Books by Takami Ito
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    Tossed Out on August Streets

    This novella follows a day in the life of Tokyo route drivers Mizuki and Atsushi as they make their rounds of vending machines in their two-ton truck, putting in soft drinks and taking out money and empty cans. Today, August 31, is a benchmark for both: a …