Shiro Yadama

Shiro Yadama 矢玉四郎

Shiro Yadama  (1944–)  writes and illustrates children's literature. A native of Beppu in Oita Prefecture, he graduated from the Department of Design in the Faculty of Engineering at Chiba University. He worked as a commercial designer for a time, then became a manga artist, publishing so-called "nonsense manga" in weekly magazines for young boys. Later he shifted to writing children's literature, publishing Oshiire no naka no mikotan (Mikotan in the Closet). In 1980 his super-nonsense children's story Hare tokidoki buta (tr. Fair, then Partly Piggy) was a big hit throughout Japan, kicking off a series that continues today.

Books by Shiro Yadama
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    Fair, then Partly Piggy

    Noriyasu, a very good little boy, keeps a daily diary. When he discovers that his mother is secretly reading it, however, he decides to startle her by writing down just any kind of nonsense that comes to mind. "Mommy makes pencil-tempura." At dinnertime …