Natsuko Kuroda

Natsuko Kuroda 黒田夏子

Natsuko Kuroda (1937–)  , a near contemporary of Nobel laureate Kenzaburo Oe, was born in Tokyo. Fond of picture books from the time she was a toddler, she began writing her own stories at age five and has been writing fiction ever since. While a student at Waseda University she launched the coterie journal Sajo (Sandcastles) and made it a platform for publishing her works. After graduation she taught language arts for two years before striking out on her own as a freelance proofreader while also continuing to write. In 1963, her Mari (Ball) was named a finalist for the Yomiuri Newspaper Short Story Prize. In 2012 her novella a b Sango won the Waseda Bungaku New Writer Prize as well as the Akutagawa Prize. She garnered a great deal of attention as the oldest winner, at 75, in the history of the Akutagawa Prize, and a collection of several of her works published in 2013 with a b Sango as the title story became a bestseller, quickly racking up sales of over 140,000 copies.

Books by Natsuko Kuroda
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    a b san go

    The title is cryptic, and the story is told in the first person, but without the pronoun "I," or proper names for the characters, or even any indication of their gender. Among the work's other unusual stylistic features, it is printed horizontally instead …