Yang Yi

Yang Yi 楊逸

Yang Yi  (1964–)  was born in Harbin, China, to a university-instructor father who underwent reeducation in the countryside during the Cultural Revolution. In 1987 Yang traveled to Japan to study Japanese and graduated from university in Tokyo, going on to work at a newspaper for Chinese expatriates before starting to teach Chinese-language classes. Her debut as a writer came in 2007, when her novella Wan-chan (Wang-chan), a tongue-in-cheek account of the adventures of a Chinese woman who arrives in Japan on an arranged marriage with a Japanese man, received the Bungakukai Prize for New Writers and an Akutagawa Prize nomination. The following year she won the Akutagawa Prize for her next work, Toki ga nijimu asa (A Morning When Time Bleeds); the win?the first ever for a Chinese national, and indeed for any nonnative author of Japanese?set off a media sensation. Subsequent works include the novels Kingyo seikatsu (Life with Goldfish) and Suki-yaki, both published in 2009.

Books by Yang Yi
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    A Morning When Time Bleeds

    Liang Haoyuan and Xie Zhiqiang, respectively the son of a teacher and of a farmer, grow up together in a small village on China's Huangtu Plateau. Fired with ambition, the friends study hard and are both accepted to Qingdou University. There, too, the shy …