Tatsuo Kobayashi

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Tatsuo Kobayashi

Tatsuo Kobayashi 小林龍生

Tatsuo Kobayashi (1951–)  graduated from the University of Tokyo with a degree in the history and philosophy of science. He worked as an editor at the Shogakukan publishing company before joining JustSystems Corp. in 1989. With an avid interest in the interface between ICT (information and communications technologies) and linguistic culture, he established the ATOK (Advanced Technology of Kana-Kanji Transfer) development group, participated in compiling the W3C document "Requirements for Japanese Text Layout," and has played a leading role in promoting standardized international character sets.

Books by Tatsuo Kobayashi
  • Book

    The Unicode Wars

    Written by a frontline participant, this no-holds-barred account of the process by which Asian character encodings were incorporated into Unicode is based on meeting minutes and other real-time documents?a chronological record of the battles waged on a gl …