Issho Fujita

Issho Fujita 藤田一照

Issho Fujita (1954–)  withdrew from the PhD program in psychology at the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Education to enter the Soto Zen monastery Antaiji. In 1987 he became the resident teacher at Pioneer Valley Zendo in western Massachusetts, where he also engaged in outreach to nearby colleges and Zen meditation centers through lectures and zazen instruction. Returning to Japan in 2005, he became director of his own zazen program in Hayama, Kanagawa Prefecture. Since 2010 he has also shuttled between Japan and the U.S. as director of the Soto Zen Buddhism International Center in San Francisco.

Books by Issho Fujita
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    Modern Lectures on Zazen: The Way to Shikantaza

    The author has dedicated his life to zazen (Zen meditation?literally "sitting Zen") for over three decades. Although he is in the lineage of Japanese Zen master Dogen (1200?53) and the well-known 20th-century teachers Kodo Sawaki and Kosho Uchiyama, he ha …