Manabu Miyazaki

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Manabu Miyazaki

Manabu Miyazaki 宮崎学

Manabu Miyazaki (1949–)  was born in Nagano Prefecture, and worked for a maker of precision instruments before going independent as a freelance photographer. He received a Japan Picture Book Award for Fukuro (Owls) in 1978. His Kemono michi (Animal Trails) of 1979 and Washi to taka (Eagles and Hawks) of 1981 are credited with breaking new ground in the world of animal photography; the latter was awarded the 1982 Photographic Society of Japan New Talent Prize. His Fukuro: Ural Owl received the Domon Ken Award in 1990, and Animaru mokushiroku (Animal Apocalypse) won the 1995 Kodansha Publication Culture Award. He travels throughout Japan, applying his distinctive methods to the photographing of animals in their natural habitats.

Books by Manabu Miyazaki
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    Bears in the Mountains

    In the arresting cover image, a Japanese black bear appears to be working a camera on a tripod. No posed picture taken in a studio, this is a wild bear maneuvering an unmanned camera that author Manabu Miyazaki had set up in the Japan Alps, to capture pho …