Kaori Fujino

Kaori Fujino 藤野可織

Kaori Fujino (1980–)  was born in Kyoto and completed a master's degree in aesthetics and art at Doshisha University, writing her thesis on the renowned photographer Ihei Kimura. She worked at an editorial company and a publishing house before winning the Bungakukai Prize for New Writers in 2006 for her short story Iyashii tori (Greedy Birds); a story collection of the same title became her first published book in 2008. Her 2009 short story Ikenie (Sacrifice) became a finalist for the Akutagawa Prize, and she ultimately took home the Akutagawa in 2013 for her novella Tsume to me (Nails and Eyes). An avid fan of scary movies and manga, she has said that she wishes to bring out "the scariness of the ordinary" in her fiction.

Books by Kaori Fujino
  • Book

    Nails and Eyes

    This volume contains the mid-length title story along with two short stories. The title story is in effect told in the second person, as if the three-year-old female narrator Hina were directly addressing her stepmother Mai throughout. Hina speaks with an …