Nanae Aoyama

Nanae Aoyama 青山七恵

Nanae Aoyama  (1983–)  was a college student when her 2005 novella Mado no akari (The Light of Windows) won the Bungei Prize, launching her on her career as an author. The following year her next work, Hitori biyori (On My Own), brought her the Akutagawa Prize on her first nomination. In 2009 her short story Kakera (Fragments) made her the youngest person to receive the Kawabata Yasunari Prize, which until then had mostly been given to established authors; that same year she left her job at a travel agency to pursue writing full-time. Her first full-length novel, Watashi no kareshi (My Boyfriend), was published in 2011. One of the most outstanding of the corps of talented female authors who have been discovered through the Bungei Prize from 2000 onward, Aoyama earned acclaim from early in her career for her penetrating powers of human observation and description. She says she was led to her calling by Françoise Sagan's Bonjour tristesse, which she read in high school.

Books by Nanae Aoyama
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    On My Own

    Chizu and Ginko are the unlikely housemates in this tale about four seasons in the life together of two women separated in age by a half century. Twenty-year-old Chizu has lived with her mother, a high-school teacher, ever since her parents’ divorce whe …