Motoko Yoshinobu

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Motoko Yoshinobu

Motoko Yoshinobu よしのぶもとこ

Motoko Yoshinobu was born in Kyoto, and graduated from the Kyoto Seika University Faculty of Design. Kyoto remains her home today. She has worked widely as an illustrator of grade-school level textbooks and supplemental learning materials. She uses a computer to produce highly intricate illustrations and to design characters for the Web, but also works in watercolors and pencil. She seeks out subjects that will induce a sense of nostalgia in her readers and tug on their heartstrings, leaving them with a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

Books by Motoko Yoshinobu
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    Kyoto: Transportation, Culture, Nature

    The city of Kyoto was home to the Japanese imperial court from 794 to 1868, and though it has been a century and a half since the court moved to Tokyo, Kyoto continues to be regarded with veneration and affection as "the old capital," drawing countless vi …