Koji Yanagi

Koji Yanagi 柳広司

Koji Yanagi  (1967–)  began writing fiction in his mid-twenties following four years of other employment out of college. He took on manual jobs to support himself while trying out for literary prizes, making his professional debut with the mystery Ogon no hai (The Golden Ash, 2001), which starred Heinrich and Sophia Schliemann, the excavators of the ruins of Troy. That same year he received the Asahi Award for New Writers for Gansaku "Botchan" satsujin jiken (A Botchan Parody Murder Mystery), a pastiche of the classic novel by Soseki Natsume. In 2009, Joka gemu (Joker Game) earned Yanagi the Yoshikawa Eiji Prize for New Writers and the Mystery Writers of Japan Award in addition to becoming a bestseller. Other notable works include Tokyo purizun (Tokyo Prison, 2006). Yanagi's works characteristically feature appearances by historical personages?among them Socrates, Charles Darwin, and Marco Polo?who become embroiled in a fictional mystery. He is particularly fond of writing about Soseki Natsume.

Books by Koji Yanagi
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    Joker Game

    A fictitious spy-training organization established within the Japanese army on the eve of World War II is the centerpiece of this set of linked short stories. The D Agency comes into being in autumn 1937 as an independent army unit formed under the privat …