Kaoruko Himeno

Kaoruko Himeno 姫野カオルコ

Kaoruko Himeno (1958–)  was born in Shiga Prefecture, home of scenic Lake Biwa. She set her sights on being a novelist at a young age, and began working as a freelance writer from the time she was in college. "I think people who become authors can only become authors," she once told an interviewer. "Or rather, you don't become an author, you just are one." Her literary debut came in 1990 with the comic novel Hito yonde Mitsuko (Everybody Calls Her Mitsuko). She was first shortlisted for the Naoki Prize in 1997 for Junan (The Passion), an offbeat novel about a woman who one day discovers a growth on her genitals with the contours of a human face?and it talks. Himeno subsequently became a finalist three more times without success before finally taking home the prize for the second half of 2013 with Showa no inu (Perspective Kid), in which details of the main character's childhood are avowedly autobiographical. Some of her other major works are Tsu,i,ra,ku (C,r,a,s,h), Haruka eitii (Haruka at Eighty), and Riaru Shinderera (The Real Cinderella). A highly original and versatile writer, she is constantly experimenting with new devices in her works.

Books by Kaoruko Himeno
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    Perspective Kid

    Through the relationship between a woman and a series of pet dogs, this novel portrays the ups and downs of life for the average Japanese person over some four decades from the early 1960s. In eight chapters, the narrative follows protagonist Iku Kashiwa …