Sei Hatsuno

Sei Hatsuno 初野晴

Sei Hatsuno (1973–)  was born in Shizuoka Prefecture and graduated from Hosei University. The recommendation of a friend in college led him to start reading large numbers of honkaku ("orthodox") mysteries, a type of Japanese detective fiction that challenges readers with puzzles of logic. Upon joining the working world, he began submitting stories to new writer contests, and made his literary debut when he won the Yokomizo Seishi Mystery Prize in 2002 for the novel Mizu no tokei (Water Clock). In 2008, his Taishutsu gemu (Exit Game) garnered a great deal of attention as a finalist for the Mystery Writers of Japan Award for Short Stories, turning the book and the series it launched into a smash hit. His works are known for their distinctive mix of logical puzzles and fantasy. His other titles include the novels Shikkoku no oji (The Jet Black Prince), 1/2 no kishi (1/2 Knight), and Towairaito myujiamu (Twilight Museum).

Books by Sei Hatsuno
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    Exit Game

    In four chronologically sequenced stories, two members of a high-school wind ensemble display remarkable stores of knowledge and powers of deductive reasoning to solve a series of mysteries. Narrator Chika Homura is a tenth-grader who plays flute in her …