Yukiya Shōji

Yukiya Shōji 小路幸也

Yukiya Shōji (1961–)  was born in Hokkaido. He made his debut as a writer by winning the 2002 Mephisto Award for Sora o miageru furui uta o kuchizusamu (Singing an Old Song about Looking Up at the Sky). Among his many works published since then are the Tokyo bandowagon (Tokyo Bandwagon) series, Cow House, and Hanasaki kōji yonchōme no seijin (The Holy Man of Hanasaki Street). He works at the entertainment end of the literary spectrum, in genres ranging from family novels to mysteries.

Books by Yukiya Shōji
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    Double Whorls

    Two popular writers share authorship of this much talked about work, writing alternately from the perspectives of brother and sister. Yukiya Shōji writes from the perspective of Yūichi, an eleventh-grader who plays in a band, and Natsu Miyashita writes …