Kazumi Saeki

Kazumi Saeki 佐伯一麦

Kazumi Saeki  (1959–)  is from Sendai, the largest city in the Tohoku region of northeastern Japan. He worked various jobs out of high school, including as a magazine reporter and an electrician, before his story Ki o tsugu (Grafting Wood) set him off on a literary career by winning the 1984 Kaien Prize for New Writers. In 1990 he received the Noma Prize for New Writers for Shoto sakitto (Short Circuit), a collection of stories about a young father of three who becomes an electrician to feed his family. A rusu boi (A Loose Boy), which effectively forms a sequel, was awarded the Mishima Yukio Prize the following year. Saeki has continued to draw almost exclusively on his own life for works such as the 2004 Osaragi Jiro Prize-winner Tetto kazoku (Beneath the Towers) and Noruge (Norge), which in 2007 earned him the Noma Prize for Literature. Saeki experienced the March 2011 earthquake at his home in Sendai and is actively engaged in writing about the disaster, notably through an ongoing newspaper-published correspondence with fellow author Yoshikichi Furui.