Hiroshi Homura

Hiroshi Homura 穂村弘

Hiroshi Homura (1962–)  was born in Hokkaidō and graduated from Sophia University in Tokyo with a degree in English literature. He is a leading figure in contemporary tanka, Japan’s traditional 31-syllable short poem, and is also a literary critic, essayist, and author and translator of picture books. He made his literary debut in 1990 with a collection of tanka, Shinjikēto (Syndicate). His essay collections include Sekai onchi (Tone Deaf to the World) and Kimi ga inai yoru no gohan (Dinner on Nights When You’re Not There). Tanka no yūjin (Tanka Friends), a volume of literary criticism, received the Itō Sei Prize in 2008. Among his other writings are the picture books Ehon: Dōbutsu zukan (Animal Pictorial Book; illustrated by Tadanori Yokoo), Aka ninja (The Red Ninja; illustrated by Tatsurō Kiuchi), Mabataki (Blink; illustrated by Komako Sakai), and Boku no takaramono ehon (My Treasured Picture Books), in which he discusses his personal collection of favorite titles.

Books by Hiroshi Homura
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    A butterfly takes flight, the silent cuckoo clock begins announcing the hour, the tensely poised cat suddenly springs?stasis gives way to movement in the blink of an eye. This evocative picture book portrays time’s passage experienced both as a mere ins …