Yuko Tsushima

Yuko Tsushima 津島佑子

Yuko Tsushima  (1947–2016)  , born in the Tokyo suburb of Mitaka, is the daughter of celebrated author Osamu Dazai. After he committed suicide with his lover when she was one year old, she was raised by her mother. As she grew up, she began her literary career by contributing to the private literary magazine Bungei shuto, for which prominent writers like Kenji Nakagami also wrote. Tsushima has written a series of controversial works with experimental techniques and bold themes. She has won a plethora of literary prizes, among them the 1977 Izumi Kyoka Prize for Kusa no fushido (Bedchamber of Grass); the 1978 Women's Literature Prize for Choji (tr. Child of Fortune); the 1979 Noma Prize for New Writers for Hikari no ryobun (The Family); the 1987 Yomiuri Prize for Literature for Yoru no hikari ni owarete (Driven by the Light of the Night); the 1998 Tanizaki Jun'ichiro Prize and Noma Prize for Literature for Hi no yama―Yamazaruki (Mountain of Fire: Account of a Wild Monkey); and the 2002 Osaragi Jiro Prize for Warai ookami (tr. Laughing Wolf).

Books by Yuko Tsushima
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    Laughing Wolf

    "The theme and technique alike are without precedent, but the author's strong yet supple writing makes this literary experiment a success."―Hisashi Inoue, writer (Asahi shimbun, December 12, 2001, from the press release for the Osaragi Jiro Prize)This i …