Futaro Yamada

Futaro Yamada 山田風太郎

Futaro Yamada  (1922–2001)  was born into a family that had practiced medicine in Hyogo Prefecture for several generations. After graduating from Tokyo Medical University, he won the 1949 Mystery Writers of Japan Award for his short stories Ganchu no akuma (Devil in the Eye) and Kyozo inraku (Virtual Pleasures), which constituted his literary debut. He went on to become a very popular writer of mysteries. Well-versed in the Japanese classics, he wrote many "tales of marvels" based upon them. The series of Ninja novels that he began in 1958 became major bestsellers.

Books by Futaro Yamada
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    The Story of the Eight Dog Warriors

    This novel alternates between a fictive world based upon the classic Nanso Satomi Hakken Den and the real world of the man Takizawa Bakin, who spent many years writing it. In the first instance Yamada turns the classic into an easily understandable, …