Daisaburō Okumoto

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Daisaburō Okumoto

Daisaburō Okumoto 奥本大三郎

Daisaburō Okumoto (1944–) was born in Osaka, graduated from the Department of French Literature at the University of Tokyo, and subsequently completed his graduate studies in the same department. A specialist in French literature, he is now a professor emeritus of Saitama University, and is also chairman of the Japan Henri Fabre Association. In 1981 he won the Yomiuri Prize for Literature (Essays & Travelogues) for Mushi no uchūshi (A Natural History of the Bug Universe). Among his many other titles are Mushi kara hajimaru bunmeiron (Civilization Begins with Bugs), and Mushi no idokoro (Things That Bug Me). Okumoto also continues to publish new volumes of Kan’yaku Fāburu konchūki, his planned complete translation of Jean-Henri Fabre’s Souvenirs entomologiques.

Books by Daisaburō Okumoto