Yoshinaga Fujita

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Yoshinaga Fujita

Yoshinaga Fujita 藤田宜永

Yoshinaga Fujita  (1950–)  left university before graduating and lived with a French woman he met in Tokyo, a relationship that took him to Paris in 1973. There he found work with Air France while doing translation on the side. Encouraged by the author and detective-fiction critic Kiyoshi Kasai to try his hand at writing, he made his authorial debut in 1986 with Yabo no rabirinsu (Labyrinth of Ambition), a whodunit set in Paris. In 1994 his novel Kotetsu no kishi (Knight of Steel) won the Mystery Writers of Japan Award and a special award from the Japan Adventure Fiction Association. His 1997 Juka no omoi (Reflections Under a Tree) staked out new territory for him as a romance author, and he has produced numerous novels in this genre since then. Fujita is married to the writer Mariko Koike; Ai no ryobun (Un coin d'amour) won him the Naoki Prize six years after Koike received the award in 1995. They are the only couple to have both garnered the Naoki.

Books by Yoshinaga Fujita
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    Un Coin d’amour

    This full-length romance novel traces more than three decades of love and loss among four men and women. Junzo, a 53-year-old widower, leads a quiet life living with his son, a college student, and running a tailor's shop in Tokyo. In response to an urge …