Tokuya Higashigawa

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Tokuya Higashigawa

Tokuya Higashigawa 東川篤哉

Tokuya Higashigawa  (1968–)   debuted in 2002 with a novel that won him the Kappa-ONE Newcomers Prize in a contest open to the general public. Since then, he has concentrated solely on writing humorous mysteries, a genre that is not well established in Japan. With Nazotoki wa dina no ato de (The Riddle-Solving Can Wait till After Dinner), he became a best-selling author. Jokes and witty dialogue between unconventional characters are his forte, but his works are held solidly together by tricks of logic and well-conceived puzzles. Higashigawa has received praise from older mystery writers for his skillful reinventions of such devices as the locked-room murder and the dying message, and for his versatility in being able to craft novels that involve kidnappings, contract killings, and other daring crimes.

Books by Tokuya Higashigawa
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    The After-Dinner Mysteries

    This is a collection of six linked short stories, all humorous mysteries. With its unexpected settings and brain-teasing riddles, the book has garnered a readership of well over a million people. The protagonist is Reiko Hosho, a beautiful detective stat …