Yuya Sato

Yuya Sato 佐藤友哉

Yuya Sato  (1980–)  , or Yuya-Tan (as his fans have nicknamed him), is a young author of enormous promise with a track record of producing genre-bending and entertaining books. Born in Hokkaido, Sato began writing fiction while doing various jobs after graduating from high school. A fan of Kodansha's mystery magazine Mephisto (which is all about solving riddles), he submitted his first novel, a coming-of-age piece titled Furikka-shiki Kagami Kimihiko ni uttetsuke no satsujin (Flicker Style: Kimihiko Kagami and the Perfect Murder), for the magazine's Mephisto Award in 2001. He won, meaning that his debut work was a prizewinner. Since the 2005 short-story collection Kodomotachi okoru okoru okoru (The Children are Angry! Angry! Angry!), he has branched out from the mystery and horror genres of his early years and begun placing stories in literary magazines. Sen no shosetsu to Bakkubeado (1,000 Novels and Backbeard) was awarded the Mishima Yukio Prize in 2007. Other novels include Dendera (tr. 2015); published in 2009 and turned into a movie in 2011, it is about the ancient Japanese practice of leaving old people to die in the mountains.