Rintaro Norizuki

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Rintaro Norizuki

Rintaro Norizuki 法月綸太郎

Rintaro Norizuki  (1964–)  studied at Kyoto University, where he was an enthusiastic participant in the Mystery Fiction Study Group, known for having produced numerous other prominent writers. After graduation, he worked at a bank for a time before making his literary debut in 1988, when his locked-room murder novel Mippei kyoshitsu (Sealed Classroom) was nominated for the Edogawa Rampo Award competition and famed mystery writer Soji Shimada recommended it for publication. The following year he introduced the author-sleuth character bearing his own pen name in his second novel, Yuki misshitsu (Snowbound), set in a mountain lodge surrounded by snow; it became the first in a long series of novels featuring the Norizuki son-and-father team. In 2002, his story An Urban Legend Puzzle (tr. 2004) received the Mystery Writers of Japan Award for Short Stories. He won first place in the 2005 Konomys rankings for his novel Namakubi ni kiite miro (The Gorgon's Look), which also took the Honkaku Mystery Grand Prize for that year. The possessor of a highly logical mind, Norizuki casts a sharp critical eye on the detective fiction form, and frequently speaks of his pace as being very slow and deliberate. Among his other works is a novel about carrying out the perfect crime, Kingu o sagase (Find the King, 2011).

Books by Rintaro Norizuki
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    The Gorgon's Look

    A puzzler-style mystery featuring the author and sleuth Rintaro Norizuki and his father, Inspector Norizuki. Avant-garde sculptor Isaku Kawashima dies from stomach cancer at 54. He has just completed a plaster figure entitled "Mother and Child" by body-ca …