Toh EnJoe

Toh EnJoe 円城塔

Toh EnJoe  (1972–)  was born in Hokkaido. While studying for a physics degree at Tohoku University, he was active in the Sci-Fi Study Group and read both science fiction and Latin American literature. After graduation, he moved on to the University of Tokyo graduate school, where he completed master's and doctoral degrees in the sciences. He began trying his hand at fiction around 2000, when he took up the first of a series of research positions at different universities. His initial splash as a writer came in 2006, when his sci-fi novel Self-Reference ENGINE (original English title) was a finalist for the Komatsu Sakyo Award for new SF writers, and his novella Obu za besuboru (Of the Baseball), an offbeat story about using a baseball bat to swat away people falling from the sky, won the Bungakukai Prize for New Writers and was nominated for the Akutagawa Prize. In 2010, the novella U yu shi tan (As If) received the Noma Prize for New Writers and was short-listed for the Mishima Yukio Prize. He garnered the late-2011 Akutagawa Prize for another novella, Dokeshi no cho (The Harlequin Butterfly). He has gained a reputation for repeatedly pushing the boundaries of fiction in ways that defy conventional classification.