Hisashi Nozawa

Hisashi Nozawa 野沢尚

Hisashi Nozawa  (1960–2004)  dreamed of becoming a film director from the time he was in middle school, when he began making his own 8-mm movies. After graduating from college with a film degree, he was named co-winner of the 1983 Kido Prize, which has served as a launching pad for many screenwriters. He made his debut as a scriptwriter for television in 1985, and wrote for both television and film thereafter?including Takeshi Kitano's first directorial outing, Violent Cop (1989). When he received the 1997 Edogawa Rampo Prize for his novel-length mystery Hasen no marisu (Dotted-Line Malice), it launched him on a career as a fiction writer as well. He subsequently won the Yoshikawa Eiji Prize for New Writers in 2001 for his novel Shinku (Deep Red; adapted to film in 2005), and the MEXT Award for the Arts in 2002 for Hanran no boyaju (Voyage of Rebellion). His other works include the novels Rimitto (Limit, 1998), Toride naki mono (Without a Fortress, 2002), and his soccer novel series Ryuji (Ryuji, 2002?2004). Many mourned the loss when he took his own life in 2004.