Anna Ogino

Anna Ogino 荻野アンナ

Anna Ogino  (1956–)  is the daughter of a French-American father and a Japanese mother. Her father was the sailor Henri depicted in her biographical novel Horafuki Anri no boken (The Adventures of Henri the Braggart), while her mother was a painter who was friends with famed avant-garde artist Taro Okamoto. Ogino won a Japanese government scholarship to study at the University of Paris IV (Sorbonne). As an authority on Rabelais, she is well known for her jokes and puns, and her fiction exudes an atmosphere of sophisticated humor. She made her debut in 1990 with Yukitai (Floating Objects), a novella based on her experiences while studying abroad. The following year she won the Akutagawa Prize with another novella, Seoimizu (Water Burden). Horafuki Anri no boken won the 2001 Yomiuri Prize for Literature, and Kani to kare to watashi (The Crab, Him and Me), about caring for a cancer patient, was awarded the Ito Sei Prize in 2008.

Books by Anna Ogino
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    The Adventures of Henri the Braggart

    This only somewhat fictionalized biographical work can be seen as Ogino's search for her own roots. In the book, the author sets out on a journey to explore the origins of Henri Gaillard, her father, who still has a face of Cupid-like innocence in his eig …