Masaki Yamada

Masaki Yamada 山田正紀

Masaki Yamada  (1950–)  debuted in 1974 with the novella Kamigari (God-Hunting), which, after first appearing in the venerable science-fiction fanzine Uchujin (Cosmic Dust), was later republished in SF Magazine. Japanese sci-fi fans voted it the winner in the short story category of the Seiun Award the following year. Yamada has produced a steady stream of work, establishing himself at the forefront of the second generation of SF writers after the "Big Three" of the first generation (Shin'ichi Hoshi, Sakyo Komatsu, and Yasutaka Tsutsui). Outside of works of science fiction like the 1980 Seiun Award-winning novel Hoseki dorobo (Jewel Thief), Yamada's broad palette encompasses adventures like 1977's Aguni o nusume (Stealing Agni) and mysteries like 1989's Burakku suwan (Black Swan). Recently, his interest in the mystery genre has grown, as exemplified by Misuteri opera shukumeijo satsujin jiken (Mystery Opera: Murder at Destiny Castle), which received the Mystery Writers of Japan Award. Yamada is a master storyteller?erudite and philosophical?and still at the top of his game.