Rio Shimamoto

Rio Shimamoto 島本理生

Rio Shimamoto  (1983–)   moved frequently as a child and attended many different schools. Always a great book-lover, she started writing fiction while still in elementary school. In 1998 a sketch she wrote in middle school was selected for publication in a magazine. Her official print debut came in 2001 with the novella Shiruetto (Silhouette), winner of the Gunzo Prize for New Writers. Ritoru bai ritoru (Little by Little), her second book, was nominated for the Akutagawa Prize in January 2003. As Shimamoto was only 19 at the time, the nomination drew considerable attention; the book went on to win the Noma Prize for New Writers. Shimamoto cemented her reputation with the best-selling Narataju (Narratage, 2005). Thrice nominated for the Akutagawa, she was also listed for the 2011 Naoki Prize for Andasutando meibi (Understand Maybe). Shimamoto enjoys a particularly enthusiastic following among young women.