Lily Franky

Lily Franky リリー・フランキー

Lily Franky  (1963–)  is a Japanese male who uses a foreign female pen name. Born and raised in northern Kyushu, he graduated from Musashino Art University in Tokyo and began working as an illustrator and columnist for magazines. The style in which he wrote his columns was well received, and his reputation and range of activities quickly grew. At present he works as a writer of illustrated children's books, photographer, designer, and lyricist, and has also received an award as a promising actor, thus demonstrating his multitude of talents in various fields. He made his debut as a fiction writer with the 2003 short story collection Boroboro ni natta hito e (To Those Who Are Falling Apart). The autobiographical Tokyo Tawa: Okan to boku to, tokidoki, oton (Tokyo Tower: Mom and Me, and Sometimes Dad) is his first full-length work, and was serialized in a magazine over some four years. It received the Booksellers Award in 2006. He has also published two volumes of an illustrated children's story entitled Oden-kun (Mr. Stew), which was turned into an animated series on television.

Books by Lily Franky
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    Tokyo Tower: Mom and Me, and Sometimes Dad

    This is an autobiographical novel describing the 30-some years of the narrator's life with his mother, whom he loved very much. The narrator, nicknamed Ma-kun, was born in northern Kyushu in 1963, the first child of "Mom" and "Dad." The father cannot hold …