Yoichi Funado

Yoichi Funado 船戸与一

Yoichi Funado  (1944–2015)  is a leading Japanese writer of adventure fiction. A member of his university's adventure club, he traveled to Alaska during his student days, producing a nonfiction record of his journey. He went to work at a publishing company before striking out on his own and launching his writing career in the late 1970s. The Japan Adventure Fiction Association has presented him with six grand prizes in all, beginning with one for his 1985 novel Yamaneko no natsu (Summer of the Wildcat). He typically sets his novels among minority peoples and in peripheral regions: he examined the Mideast minority Kurdish people in Suna no kuronikuru (Sand Chronicle), set his Kahan ni shirube naku (No Sign on the Riverside) in Myanmar, wrote his 2000 Naoki Prize-winner Niji no tani no gogatsu (tr. May in the Valley of the Rainbow) about people on Cebu, and sited other works in Manchuria and in Ezo, the old name for Japan's northernmost island of Hokkaido. His thoroughness in researching the regions on which he writes and the commitment that drives him to do so, bordering on righteous anger at times, fuel his production of novels that are vast in scope.

Books by Yoichi Funado
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    May in the Valley of the Rainbow

    This novel is set in the fictional Garsoponga, an impoverished village of fewer than 250 people on the Philippine island of Cebu. The trackless jungle behind the settlement conceals deep within it the legendary "Valley of the Rainbow," where it's said tha …