Atsunori Tomatsu

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Atsunori Tomatsu

Atsunori Tomatsu 戸松淳矩

Atsunori Tomatsu  (1952–)   was born in Kyoto. After graduating from university he started writing fiction while working at his family business. In 1976 his short story Shogensha (The Witness) made it onto the final short list of the Sunday Mainichi New Writers Prize for Fiction. This inspired him to join a mystery-writing group, which led to the publication in 1979 of his first novel Meitantei wa senshuraku ni nazo o toku (The Detective Solves the Mystery on the Last Day of the Tournament). This became a series, with Meitantei wa kyukaiura ni nazo o toku (The Detective Solves the Mystery in the Ninth Inning) coming out in 1980 and Sumidagawa yurei gurafiti (Ghost Graffiti of the Sumida River) in 1987. A hiatus of 17 years followed until 2004, when Ken to bara no natsu (Dancing History) was published; Tomatsu had devoted a decade and a half to its planning and composition. It won the Mystery Writers of Japan Award in 2005. Although held in high regard by his peers for his intricate plotting, Tomatsu is anything but prolific; his latest novel, Usotsuki (Liar), appeared in 2012, eight years after his previous outing.

Books by Atsunori Tomatsu
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    Dancing History

    It is June 1860 and a delegation of 76 samurai has been dispatched from Japan to the United States to ratify a new Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation. Arriving in New York on June 17, the delegation disembarks to a welcome of unprecedented warm …