Katsusuke Miyauchi

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Katsusuke Miyauchi

Katsusuke Miyauchi 宮内勝典

Katsusuke Miyauchi  (1944–)  was born in Harbin, China during World War II, then raised in Kagoshima, southern Kyushu, after his family's return to Japan. He traveled the world after graduating from high school and his experiences included working as a laborer in New York with no visa. In 1979 his first published novel Nanpu (South Wind) won the Bungei Prize. His 1981 novella Konjiki no zo (The Golden Elephant) was listed for the Akutagawa Prize, and the short story collection in which it appeared won the Noma Prize for New Writers the same year. In the mid-80s he moved back to the United States with his wife and son and continued writing from his base in New York. He later returned to Japan. Shoshin (Immolation) won both the Yomiuri Prize for Literature and the MEXT Award for the Arts. In 2011 his novel Mao no ai (Satan's Love) was awarded the Ito Sei Prize. Other novels include Boku wa shisocho ni naritai (I Want to Become an Archaeopteryx, 1998) and Konjiki no tora (The Golden Tiger, 2002). While hardly prolific, Miyauchi is never afraid of tackling such weighty themes as religion.

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    In July 2002 the narrator?we assume it is the author?visits Vietnam with his wife. On June 11, 1963, before the escalation of the Vietnam War, a monk famously sat down at a crossroads in Ho Chi Minh City (then Saigon) and set himself alight. Suicide by se …