Yukiko Motoya

Yukiko Motoya 本谷有希子

Yukiko Motoya  (1979–)  belonged to the drama club in high school and left her home in Ishikawa Prefecture to attend drama college in Tokyo. She started writing plays and fiction at the age of 19 while supporting herself with odd jobs. In 2000 she set up the Motoya Yukiko Theater Company, whose plays she both writes and produces. In 2002 the editor of the celebrated literary magazine Gunzo asked her to write a short story. The result was Eriko to zettai (Absolutely with Eriko), her first piece of fiction to be published. In 2005 her novel Funuke domo, kanashimi no ai o misero (Weaklings, Show Your Love of Sadness) was listed for the Mishima Yukio Prize, and in the following year her novella Ikite iru dake de, ai (Love as a By-Product of Life) was listed for the Akutagawa Prize. In 2011, Nurui doku (Warm Poison) won the Noma Prize for New Writers. Other novels include Zetsubo (Despair, 2005) and Ano ko no kangaeru koto wa hen (That Girl's Got Some Funny Ideas, 2009). Quirky and passionate, Motoya is highly regarded for her ability to probe the psychology of contemporary young women.

Books by Yukiko Motoya
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    Warm Poison

    The narrator of this thrilling novella is a woman named Yuri Kumada. The book describes her two-year relationship with Mukai, a handsome young man who happens to be a pathological liar. Yuri is a junior-college student in the provinces. One day the phone …