Eiki Matayoshi

Eiki Matayoshi 又吉栄喜

Eiki Matayoshi  was born in Okinawa and graduated from the University of the Ryukyus. He still lives in Okinawa, from where he portrays the islands' natural environment, customs, and people in works noted for their humorous dialogue. His major awards include the 1978 Kyushu Arts Festival Literary Prize for Joji ga shasatsu shita inoshishi (The Boar that George Shot), the 1980 Subaru Literary Prize for Ginnemu yashiki (The House of Wild Tamarinds), and the 1996 Akutagawa Prize for Buta no mukui (The Pig's Revenge).

Books by Eiki Matayoshi
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    Human Relics Museum

    It all starts when some human bones are unearthed from the ruins of a fortress in Okinawa. The discoverer, a female archaeologist named Kotono, assesses them to belong to a young woman, a mainland Japanese pirate from the medieval era. Other scholars sugg …